Hybrid Animal Sound Design: “El Cuyabeno Paracatt”

The Hybrid Animal Sound Design Competition inspired me to give a Bobcat wings and throw her in the Amazon.

The piece was used combining sped up bobcat snarling, horse baying, pigeon wing flapping, exotic Amazon bird squaking, and a personal recording of jungle ambience in the Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve in the Amazon Jungle.

Feel free to vote for my submission here.

Time To Burn

As of recently, my sounds have found their way into an abandoned factory… or well technically The Den Theatre.


Time to Burn, written by Charles Mee and brought to life by the Forget Me Not Theatre Company, paints a portrait of an eclectic group that has now come to call this factory their home. Through the sound design of this play I’ve been able to provide a score performed by the external world that has rejected these people.

Time to Burn runs for three more weekends, so come and check it out! Plus, the production (and my sounds!) have been recommended by the Chicago Reader.


Photography by Chris Zoubris

Chicago International Social Change Film Festival

At the end of September, I had the honor to take Casa de los Angeles to the Chicago International Social Change Film Festival.


Casa de los Angeles found its first film festival! My documentary was shown with four other short films from around the world that tell stories of projects supporting underprivileged families and individuals. It was amazing to see the similarities in projects ranging from providing medical care up the Himalayan Mountains to a home for children in South Africa while their mothers work. I highly recommend checking out some of the films and learning about the other “casas” around the world.

Donna Quathamer (Founder of Casa de los Angeles), Carolyn Edlebeck (Volunteer Coordinator), Alex Palma (Documentary Director)

Thank you to all the family and friends that came out, and especially to Donna and Carolyn who inspire me every day.

Over There


As a part of the 2013 Chicago Fringe Festival, I have been the sound designing for the upcoming theatrical production of Mark Ravenhill’s Over There.

Here is short sound sample, and feel free to dig in.

 Over There will be performed at The Gift Theatre, located at 4802 N. Milwaukee Ave. early this September… so snag some tix!

Ambience: Lago Agrio

Ever since reading R. Murray Schafer’s The Soundscape, I’ve been interested in recording ambiences strictly for the purpose of understanding an environment and culture through sound. So from time to time I will be posting ambiences recorded by myself and other audio friends from around the United States and world! Maybe think of it as a small audio documentary project. For the first post, you’re going to Nueva Loja, Sucumbíos in Ecuador.

This ambience is from one of the main streets in Nueva Loja (better known as Lago Agrio) which is the capital of the northeastern province of Sucumbíos surrounded by the Amazon Jungle. This recording is from early in the morning as shops are opening and people are starting their day. The collage of sounds is quite colorful and dynamic. When a vehicle is present, it clearly dominates the soundscape, making the quieter selection of sporadic sounds less intelligible. As the five minutes progress, the ambience fills in and slowly becomes more dominated by cars or motorbikes. Feel free to share your thoughts via comments on Soundcloud!

Escape: Metropolitano

Being able to work and travel at the same time has always been my dream. However, this time I had the chance to take a break from work here in Chicago to see my brother who is studying in Quito, Ecuador at the moment.

Not a typical Saturday afternoon for Quito, but longboarding is on the rise. With a trip up to the Metropolitano park, a friend’s GoPro, and a sturdy tree branch- we were ready to roll. Plus, why not mix and mash a few grooves to share our vibe?

Film Premiere!

After spending the last few months editing away at my computer my documentary is finally going to see the world.

The film will hit the big screen at the Lewis University in Romeoville, IL in the Academic Building on campus, followed by a Q&A in which I will be present at, along with the founder of the Casa de los Angeles organization, and some cast from the film.  Following the premiere the film will be jumping into the film festival circuit, so be on the lookout!

Welcome to the R-Bitron Radio Network

In the land of college radio and podcasts, there has never been a better opportunity to run a smear campaign for the Dollar Bay Middle School PTA presidential seat or host the “Cooking for One” bachelor chef show.  So we bring you, R-Bitron Radio:

Over the last few months I’ve had the opportunity on the audio side of things to take part in an improv radio show that parodies a variety of radio show formats such as public radio, the morning zoo, tech advice, and more.  After experimenting with this concept for a few months we wrapped up season one of R-Bitron Radio at WMTU 91.9 FM.  Following a brief hiatus, we will be transferring completely to the internet airwaves, and making a dive into the sea of podcasting.  Fortunately for you, we have put season one online, ironically available as a podcast. Here’s a taste: http://feeds.feedburner.com/R-BitronRadio