Welcome to the R-Bitron Radio Network

In the land of college radio and podcasts, there has never been a better opportunity to run a smear campaign for the Dollar Bay Middle School PTA presidential seat or host the “Cooking for One” bachelor chef show.  So we bring you, R-Bitron Radio:

Over the last few months I’ve had the opportunity on the audio side of things to take part in an improv radio show that parodies a variety of radio show formats such as public radio, the morning zoo, tech advice, and more.  After experimenting with this concept for a few months we wrapped up season one of R-Bitron Radio at WMTU 91.9 FM.  Following a brief hiatus, we will be transferring completely to the internet airwaves, and making a dive into the sea of podcasting.  Fortunately for you, we have put season one online, ironically available as a podcast. Here’s a taste: http://feeds.feedburner.com/R-BitronRadio

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